Welcome to Year Five!

Class Teacher: Miss Bullimore

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Payton 


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The Y5 pupils are aged 9/ 10 and have a great responsibility in our school. One of the biggest and most important responsibility is being a buddy to our youngest pupils in the school. The job of a good buddy is to help a child to grow up, develop as a person and be there should they be needed.


Y5 Pupils have lots of fun learning experiences out of the classroom including a historical trip to Llandudno in September. 


It is an important year for our pupils as they are developing the skills they need for High School and beyond. It is also important to choose to be POSITIVE in Year 5. Throughout the year we will be ensuring we are brilliant and avoiding being mood hoovers!

Remote Learning

Please log on to Microsoft Teams to complete your home learning tasks. You will find videos to help you with your tasks. 

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Welcome to our classroom

We have lots of working walls to help us with our learning. We also really enjoy displaying our own work to show our friends.


Maths in Year 5 

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From September 2020, Year 5 will be using Power Maths during their Maths lessons.

Before each topic, your child will be sent home with a list of things that will be covered so they can prepare for the topics covered. 

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Key texts in Year 5 

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Guided Reading in Year 5 

In Year 5, we used Big Cat Collins as our guided reading texts. We also do whole class reads from time to time. Each week your child will read a text in a group and the complete tasks on what they have read. One way they do this is through the VIPERS sheet below. 

Click on the read icon to see what type of questions are on the VIPERS.


KS2 Reading Vipers

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Knowledge Organisers