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Hello and welcome to our Year 6 class page!
Class Teacher: Miss Webster
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pierce


All about us...

Miss Webster

Likes- Harry Potter, Maths, hot holidays and Percy pigs.

Dislikes- Traffic, swimming in the sea and Tofu.

Mrs Pierce

Likes- Florida, Disney, dogs and English.

Dislikes- Avocados, snakes and daughters' messy bedrooms.

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From September 2021, we will be using the scheme Pathways to write as part of our English Curriculum. Below are the texts which we will read in Year 6.

Please read everyday 

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In Year 6 will use Power Maths to deliver the Maths Curriculum. Below is an overview of the topics which we cover. 



Times Tables

Remember that one of the best things you can do to help you with your knowledge of maths is to make sure you know your times tables really well; this includes the division facts - don't skip them! Try learning your times tables in little chunks, even just two or three facts at a time, and don't spend too much time practising the ones that you already know. Use your time wisely!

Use the websites below to help you....

Our Classroom

Lets be Pigs of Happiness!

Every week we work together on our tables to earn buttons for our piggy banks. We get these buttons for making the right choices and following the value of the week. 

At the end of the week the table with the most buttons can go in Miss Webster's Prize bag!


Year 6 Timetable

P.E.- Monday
Spelling test- Wednesday
Homework out- Thursday and due back the following Wednesday

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