Year Three- Welcome Parents and Pupils!


Class Teachers- Mrs McGarry & Mrs Endemano

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Lightfoot


About us...

We have a lot of fun in Y3, we are the youngest class in the juniors of KS2. We study lots of really exciting topics in our Learning Projects.


We also get involved in lots of science activities!

Home Learning January 2021


Home Learning Activities...

Please find the home learning resources for this week.


Please also...

* use TTRockstars and Sumdog

* read, read, read!

Helpful Websites


In Year 3 we cover a range of genres including: narrative, recount, poetry, information texts and diary writing. On a Thursday the children will use this day to plan their work and on Friday they will produce a 'big write'.


Whilst we encourage children to read every day at home (please remember to sign your child's reading diary), we EXPECT the children to read at least 3 times a week at home.


In school we complete Guided Reading sessions each week. We enjoy working in small groups to share a range of books and texts of different genres. We can then answer comprehension questions- sometimes finding simple facts or making predictions about what we think might happen next.


We enjoy chapters from our 'Class Read' every day. This is currently 'Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. Where possible, we link punctuation, grammar and writing activities. We also take time each day to enjoy a spot in dependent reading from a book of our own choice.


In all of these ways we aim to develop our understanding of comprehension and language whilst fostering a love of reading. 

Learning Projects

In Y3 we study two topics in History- we learn about 'Ancient Egypt' and 'The Romans'.


When learning about the Ancient Eqyptians, we visit the 'World Museum' in Liverpool for a fantastically hands-on day out. Here we can also see real artefacts from Ancient Eqypt.


On a visit to Chester we get a first hand experience of what life was like as a Roman over two thousand years ago. 


We enjoy visiting the ampitheatre in Chester and learning all about Roman soldiers and gladiators. It's educational and exciting at the same time!


TT Rockstars!

Now we are in Year Three we should know our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We should be able to answer questions on these times tables VERY quickly.


By the END of Year Three we also need to know the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We need to know them so well that we can even say them backwards!

To help us really learn our times tables we use TT Rockstars! A great game where we can learn quickly! 



All children in year 3 have a sumdog account.  Sumdog is a personalised maths & spelling practice that pupils love which has lots of great games on it.