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SRE- Curiculum

RHSE Curriculum Implementation

The focus in primary school should be on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships, with particular reference to friendships, family relationships, and relationships with other children and with adults.


From the beginning, teachers will talk explicitly about the features of healthy friendships, family relationships and other relationships which young children are likely to encounter. Drawing attention to these in a range of contexts should enable pupils to form a strong early understanding of the features of relationships that are likely to lead to happiness and security. This will also help them to recognise any less positive relationships when they encounter them.


Relationships Education also creates an opportunity to enable pupils to be taught about positive emotional and mental wellbeing, including how friendships can support mental wellbeing.


RSE will be taught both discretely and as a part of other curriculum lessons.


When teaching RSE at Pewithall School, the staff are aware it is of vital importance to match teaching to the maturity of the pupils. When children have a sound foundation of such concepts as living/non-living, that all things are born, and progress through a young stage to adult form, and that like produce like, then learning about birth and reproduction will be a natural progression.


RSHE Curriculum Impact

The outcome of the SRE work that we do at Pewithall School will ensure that the pupils understand:

  • the importance of respecting others, even when they are very different from them (for example, physically, in character, personality or background), or make different choices or have different preferences or beliefs.

  • practical steps they can take in a range of different contexts to improve or support respectful relationships.

  • the conventions of courtesy and manners.

  • the importance of self-respect and how this links to their own happiness.

  • that in school and in wider society they can expect to be treated with respect by others, and that in turn they should show due respect to others, including those in positions of authority.

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RHSE Curriculum

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RSHE Curriculum Intent 

The school believes that Relationship and Sex Education should be developmental and should be presented within a cross-curricular framework to encourage the children to adopt a reasonable, informed approach to the subject.  Relationship and Sex Education should be an integral part of the learning process.  In partnership with parents we aim to:


•          Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of the pupils at the school and of society.

•          Prepare such pupils for the opportunity, responsibilities and experiences of adult life (Education Reform Act 1988).

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