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Design & Technology- Curriculum

Design & Technology Intent 

At Pewithall Primary School our Design and Technology curriculum aims to inspire and nurture a curiosity about how things work, how they are made and how they fulfil a purpose. Using cross curricular links with our termly ‘Learning Projects’ our children become designers and makers in their own right, through learning about the design process, developing their skills and experience with a range of tools, materials and processes, including food and through evaluating products for a specific purpose or audience. By taking part in design technology our children grow in confidence, independence and resilience, through challenging units focused on developing skills, technical knowledge and know-how, to be successful in producing a functional purposeful product they can explain and be proud of.


Design & Technology Impact

Our Design Technology curriculum is planned to ensure that through their time at Pewithall, our children develop and refine their knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to confidently make choices and decisions about the processes, materials and tools required to achieve the outcome of a purposeful product.

They are able to evaluate products against criteria and articulate their ideas and opinions about their own and other’s work, including identifying materials and techniques, making comparisons, suggesting improvements and using subject specific vocabulary.

The children’s knowledge, skills and understanding are assessed at the end of each unit against National Curriculum objectives.


Design and Technology Implementation

The teaching of each technique or skill is linked to ‘Learning Project’ topic, taught as part of the creative curriculum

The skills to be successful in these areas are scaffolded and revisited, throughout every academic year, to ensure progression and depth to the children’s development as designers.

 All projects have cross curricular links, providing context and enabling the development of skills in analysis, evaluation and modification, to take on the focus of real life problems.

Children are provided with a variety of opportunities for learning and practising their skills as designers, both inside and outside the classroom, with a wide range of resources, tools and materials to support them.

Challenge questions posed to children enact deep and critical thinking.

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Design & Technology  Progression Document

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