We are justifiably proud of our school, but don't take our word for it...

Some kind words from our school community and visitors.

Dear David


I hope you are well.


A  lovely e-mail has just been passed to me from a Ms ___.  In her email she expresses her gratitude and thanks to you and the School.


She advises us about how particularly welcoming, helpful and supportive you have been and comments that you take a great interest in all pupils greeting each child each day.

I have included a quote from the letter “ Pewithall is a wonderful school, which focuses 100% on the best education for each pupil and does it in a friendly and safe environment”.


I just wanted to thank you for all you and your staff and governors to support your staff, pupils and parents it really is making a difference.  I am so glad it has been recognised and that one of your parents feels so strongly about it they have taken the trouble to write to us.


Best wishes,


Ann McIntyre

Operational Director

Education, Inclusion and Provision


Dear Mr Baugh,

I am the grandparent of ________ in Reception. As a contact I receive the newsletters. I myself am a primary school practitioner, and have been teaching (and learning )for 32 years. Within that time there have been a mountain of changes but the constants have been that teaching is foremost about relationships, motivation, inspiration and educating children academically, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually not just delivering a curriculum and measuring children. That children get to discover who they really, the gifts they posses and understand the difference they can be.

All that said because I see all of that in your newsletters. Personal, vulnerable, honest, shared humanity, a sense of journeying together but the helm being steady to encourage and inspire others. Lots of schools say they are a family but you live it, breathe it and walk it.

I wants you to know how truly blessed I feel to have a grandchild under your care providing a loving, caring, safe yet challenging environment in which to grow. THANK YOU.

Kind Regards


Hi David


I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to yourself and your staff, in particular Miss Jewkes who is _____’s class teacher, for the amazing support you are providing for home learning. The amount of effort that is going in to preparing and delivering lessons for home is absolutely outstanding and we are truly grateful for all you are doing in such difficult times. It can’t be easy!


We are also grateful to the team who are delivering the home learning packs as using this material in line with the on-line material reinforces the learning so well. Having a prepared timetable with all the learning links makes life so much easier for us. I’d like to think we couldn’t go wrong as we have so much support at hand!


__________ is missing her friends although she has enjoyed bumping in to several children randomly at the local park. However she does not feel isolated from school or from learning as Miss Jewkes is accessible each day by simply logging in to the school website, Tapestry, YouTube and her passion for teaching shines through. Her delivery style is engaging, making learning fun. _____ is really enjoying seeing Miss Jewkes and even story time, which some might not deem priority, is so well received. It is something to look forward to after the Maths and Phonics! She particularly enjoyed Miss Jewkes lunch box and the “Ch” learning this week.


Thank you so much. Pewithall really is outstanding at every level!

Kind Regards

________ (grandparent)