Pewithall Staff


We at Pewithall are extremely proud of the relationships we have between our pupils, adults, staff teachers and parents. This extends to our governing body, who voluntarily offer guidance support and challenge for our school. 

Our Staff




Premises Manager - Mr A. Graham

Kitchen  Mrs K. Bellfield  Mrs A. Linnett Mrs.T. McDowall

Mid-day Assistants

Mrs L. Morgan,  Mrs A. McIntyre, Miss D. Bibby, Mrs  Gaskin


Miss Philomin - School Business Manager

Mrs S. Tharme - Admin. Assistant

Miss D Bibby- Admin.Assistant


Year 6 Mr J. Dewdney

Year 5 Miss L. Webster

Year 4 Mrs S. Strain/ Mrs O'Neill

Year 3 Mrs L. McGarry/ Mr Endermano

Year 2 Mrs V. Hancock

Year 1 Mr. Stirk

Reception Miss E. Jewkes

Head Teacher: Mr D.P. Baugh

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Barnes, Mrs Smith, Mrs Payton, Mrs Lightfoot, Mrs Randles, Mrs Pierce, Mrs Holman, Mrs Robertson, Mrs O'Neill & Mrs Plaisted.


Sporting Activities


We are extremely proud of our sporting achievements, we have several teams including; Netball (picture on left), football, swimming, speedskating and the curling team. All of whom try really hard for the school. 


Sport and activity are central to what we do here at Pewithall and, with the help of new government funding, not a moment are wasted as even at lunchtime our pupils have specialist play supervisors who help pupils to learn new skills.

Would you like to join a team? See Miss Bibby (Y6)

School Calendar- What's on!

School Dropbox Documents.

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